½ or 1 Day course on how to motivate your team. Ideal for people who are in a leading position , want to inspire staff and raise their morale.

  • QUOTE:

    “You can’t change people, You must be the change you wish to see in people “ - (Gandhi)

    There is nothing more motivational than leading from the front. It motivates others when you are out there and you do it yourself. Its inspiring to them when you do what you want them to do. As a motivational practice, leading from the front hits harder and lasts longer than any other practice. So be what you want to see.

    What makes a job interesting ?

    • How can you motivate people to do more ?
    • How can you keep your team happy ?
    • What motivates people is a ……… that has ……..humanity for a long time

    The course incorporates case studies and real life examples base on latest research in psychology. The contents provide useful guidelines to implement the finding from these studies and applies it to people you want to lead and motivate.


    In this highly practical course, participants will learn

    • What is motivation all about
    • What are you aiming for when you want to motivate people
    • How do people view motivations
    • Factors leading to a lack of performance


    • What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Weeds?
    • What motivates people?
    • What makes people satisfied?


    • What does in meant to be accountable ?
    • What does it meant to be responsible ?
    • The difference between accountability and responsibility ?
    • How does the difference help you to do things that motivate people ?
    • The 5 areas of handling expectations ?


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